Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Reading Quest: 2015-2016

Hey guys! I'm back again today for a new post. I just wanted to update you all that I now have a Twitter (See right sidebar), and I've updated my Contact and About page. If you wanted to know more about why I had stopped blogging, you can get a pretty good update on the About page, and if that isn't detailed enough for you, shoot me a message. Anyway, back to today's topic... My reading goals for 2015-2016!

You may wonder why it's 2015-16, and to be honest, that's only because I've planned my book reading around school, so it started at the beginning of the school year, and is going to the end. Anyway, I'm going to list all of them, and as I read them I'll add a quick rating and note!

1. Fahrenheit 451 - September 2015 - DONE 4/5 Worlds

2. Pride and Prejudice - September 2015 - DONE 5/5 Worlds

3. Sherlock Holmes - October/November 2015 - IN PROGRESS

4. Wicked - November 2015 - DONE 4/5 Worlds

5. Looking For Alaska - November 2015 - TO READ

6. Ender's Game - December 2015 - TO READ

7. Game of Thrones - December 2015 - TO READ

8. Animal Farm - January 2016 - TO READ

9. Between The Lines - January 2016 - TO READ

10. To Kill A Mockingbird - January/February 2016 - TO READ

11. The War of the Worlds - February 2016 - TO READ

12. My Sister's Keeper - February 2016 - TO READ

13. Phantom of the Opera -February/March 2016 - TO READ

14. Wicked #2 - March 2016 - TO READ

15. Wicked #3 - April 2016 - TO READ

16. Wicked #4 -May 2016 - TO READ

17. Hobbit - June 2016 - TO READ

That's right folks, I'm only reading 17 books in 10 months! Some of them are classics, and some of these classic novels are very long, which is why my list is quite short. From the books I've read so far, I've found that even if they take me a long time to read, I'm really enjoying the classics. The one problem I have is that after reading all these classics, it's starting to get harder to read YA again because they seem kind of petty, and the narrator is silly, and not worth while. So, to battle this, I did throw in a few YA books to get me back in the groove. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow!
It's a small, small world, Natasha