Monday, December 23, 2013

A Small Tid Bit Of me..

Okay, well here's the thing... If you don't know, I have a few hobbies, and one of them is photography. I'm quite good at it too! Here are some of my pics!
 So... when I wanted to take some pictures of the white, snow covered Wisconsin I live in... it was a perfect idea! Until I go outside today... and find that my sister and brother have trampled the yard already. Ugh. Well, maybe another day!

In my little snow covered world... Natasha!!


  1. Those are beautiful photos o3o
    I kinda like taking photos but I don't have a good camera like yours...tehe

    1. I believe it isn't the camera that matters, it's who's taking it! I have had many~many~ years of camera working, so I am quite good at it. (If I do say so myself!) It also helps to have a mother who does professional photography! I have two cameras by the way...

    2. Well, I take photos with my phone so it might make a difference xD
      I had no idea your mom did professional photos wow...impressive :D

    3. You guys are funny

  2. I'm board hey what's your phone number