Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Quick Middle School Guide

Hey everyone! Middle school can be a rough time, and I've faced plenty of drama, and trouble since starting 6th grade. Hitting 8th grade, it's all sort of disappeared, but there's plenty in 6th and 7th that went terribly wrong. Today I'm going to give some tips to you all on how to handle and transition for a great year at school .

6th Graders

1. Understand that older kids might not like you - At my school, 6th graders are looked down on, and thought to be silly, some what idiotic, and not mature at all.

2. In order to overcome the dislike, make friends in your own grade, and be a decent person so you don't get a record for your next few years. Then, next year, you'll probably be liked, and not looked down on.

3. Move! At my school, 6th graders tend to be everywhere, and are quite unaware of their surroundings. Be careful not to run into anyone, and don't stand in the middle of the hallway when others are trying to get by.

4. Don't feed the fire - Drama can be everywhere and I advise not getting involved. From my own experiences, don't get into huge fights filled with drama. Sometimes that little fight will escalate... all the way to the principal's office.

5. My friend Belen says, "Understand that in a couple of years you and your friends right now might not be friends anymore because people change. So if this does happen do not make a big deal out of it. You can find new friends that have more things in common with you."

6. It's okay to be goofy, but in middle school you will need to step up at times and be serious. Know when to laugh, and talk, and when to just keep your mouth shut. Don't spread rumors, and don't be rude.

7. Don't worry if some people dislike you. Chances are, by the end of the year you'll be acquaintances and won't be enemies anymore. It's better to just be nice to people who dislike you, and who you dislike because that way like 4, you don't end up in the principal's office.

8. Get your homework done - ALL YEAR. It sounds hard, but really, just do your work. I've found that if you do most of your homework for the first year, in the next years, when you slip up, it'll be easier to be forgiven.

9. Be yourself, and you will most likely change through your years at middle school. My change occurred at the end of 7th grade to the beginning of 8th grade. Stick to your morals, and do what's right.

10. I let my friend Colton pitch in on this last one, "Do Not Screw Up. In some teachers' classes, the tale will live on forever." I also add, that if mistakes happen, just try and move on, and wait for someone else to slip up.

7th Graders

1. Don't be afraid to find yourself. You might find your seventh grade year realizing how stupid you were in 6th grade, and that it's time to mature more. When I found myself, I had been feeling lost, and I wasn't happy with how I was acting. I was better than that, and slowly I became pretty much an entirely different person.

2.  By 7th grade, you know all the basics of how the school works, so that makes this year the perfect your for personality rather than academics. Decide what kind of student, friend, child you want to be to the people you are around. Develop a personality that is true to you. This goes along with a lot of 1.

3. Stay organized. I don't know exactly why, but 7th grade seems to be the year of clutter. Papers will pile and pile up, and unless you want to flunk because you lost something, organize your stuff. Having at least one extra folder for extra stuff is extra great.

4. Be friends with some of your teachers. It will let you understand them a bit, and might even help you understand what they're looking for in your work. Not only will it help you to get a good grade, but it will just help you grow. Usually, when friends with a teacher, I've noticed they push you a lot harder because they truly know your potential.

5. Belen again has a word of advice, "Don't get too excited to be an old kid. Don't try to grow up too fast." Seriously, I agree with this. I've seen some 7th graders trying to act like they know everything, and I want to slap them. You are not all mighty and great for being a 7th grader. You are just a school kid. Not a celebrity. Sorry to wreck your dreams, kid.

6. You also have a better chance of losing friends this year. Some kids 'grow out' their friends. It's a part of maturing where you can lose your friends, You might grow apart, find different interests, it'll happen. Just make sure you have a good friend or close family member to talk to when it happens. Who knows, you might be the one who is trying to lose your friends!

7. 7th grade is a really fun year, and make sure you enjoy it. Experiment, have fun, be silly, and be good! There's nothing wrong with trying something new and talking to someone new. It might just be worth it in the end.

8. Enemies are not worth your time. Maybe you made some enemies in 6th grade, and now you must learn that it's not worth your time to try and spite them. Be the better person and let them go, be nice to them, jsut be a good person. Enemies aren't worth it.

9.  Don't be afraid. This is the year to let go and try new things. Challenge yourself, and try and join a few activities. You'll have fun, and maybe even make some new friends.

10. My friend Alonzo is here for the final one, "Don't let people change who you are. No matter if they are your friends or not, stay true to your true colors. I've been told so many times that I should stop being the way I am, but I will never stop being me."

8th Graders

1. Don't be arrogant. I know this because I was a bit arrogant at the beginning of the year. Even though you may be the oldest one their, you don't need to terrify little 6th graders and make them think you're a jerk.

2. This is not the year to get stressed, so try to stay on top of things. Take them one step at a time, and try to get ahead if you can.

3. Enjoy your childhood. It's coming to a close, and you want to enjoy it while you have it. High school is a big step into becoming an adult, so try to have fun and enjoy being a kid.

4. Try to be yourself, and don't give into peer pressure. You don't have to dress/act/be like anyone else besides yourself. Even for me, this is hard, but you really have to try.

5. Belen says "Near the end of 8th grade you need to start thinking about what high school courses you are going to take. It never hurts to be prepared."

6. Stay healthy, don't indulge too much in sweets and other foods that are bad for you. Your metabolism may be fast, but it's best to make it last.

7. Find something to do in your spare time to help with stress and such. This blog is a big one for me, because I enjoy writing and connecting with people. Maybe yours is an instrument, a sport, a hobby, but find it.

8.  Get a good amount of sleep. Just seriously. Sleep. It'll keep you from falling asleep in class.

9. Don't worry too much! It's not good for your health, and it's just not needed.

10. Colton chips in with, "Don't relax quite yet." I agree. Just because you're in 8th grade DOES NOT MEAN you need to slack off on your work. Work hard, do good, be an eighth grader (Now that's a slogan).

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving (If you celebrate it) and over all just have a great day! I'll be back soon, Natasha