Saturday, August 15, 2015

2 Graphic Novels and an Adult Novel

Hey everyone! As I try to get some book reviews out, I found this old post from a few months ago, and I figured I'd post it.
Nimona is a graphic novel with tons of humor and adventure. Based around a shape shifting girl, Nimona, who becomes a sidekick to a villain named Lord Ballister Blackhear, I found this novel entertaining and interesting. I enjoyed the many aspects of the story, from self identity to friendship, this novel touched my heart all while making me laugh. The coloring and drawings were very well done, and I know I'll be saying, "I'M A SHARK," for many days to come. Read it! So worth the time to examine each and every drawing. Along with this, I have heard there are Easter eggs in the drawings, and I will soon go through my copy to find them. Nimona was a wonderfully magical read and I'll sit here waiting eagerly to hear about a second book. So while I wait, read it! 5/5 Worlds

Although to me I felt like it should have been longer, Page by Paige still ripped out my heart and shredded it into little pieces. Basically, it's about a girl who struggles with herself after a move to New York. I love the artwork featured in this graphic novel, and her emotions really came through in the words, and illustrations. Although I feel that there was a few parts missing from the plot, this fast paced whirlwind of emotions zipped into my heart and is never leaving. I don't think I'll ever forget Paige and her story, because this book really meant a lot to me, and I think you'll enjoy it to. So if you're looking for a book to explore the inner mind of a worried teenage girl this is it. Although, I still do warn you, teenage girls are VERY hard to understand. Page by Paige is a book of struggles, but through hurdles and obstacles, you'll be glad to be by Paige's side. 4/5 Worlds

The Coffin Dancer is the second book in the Lincoln Rhyme series, which is about a New York detective and his team. In this adult novel, it features a killer who, after being hired, will stop at nothing to kill his targets, even if it means killing innocent people to get there. The only clue the team has in the beginning is that he has a tattoo on his arm, but soon they learn more and more about this killer, but prepare to be surprised at the end. I love these novels by Jeffery Deaver because they feature the killer's perspective as well. We get to see his little ticks, such as the invisible worms. From crazy cat ladies who want to be loved, to a stubborn pilot who wants to be in the sky, this mystery is full of bombs, mystery, and many twists and turns. I still love Amelia Sachs, and Lincoln Rhyme, they both have that bold and proud personality, even with Amelia's many self destructive habits and Rhyme's paralysis. Overall, this book was really good, and I did not see the ending coming at all. Fast paced and full of murder, this book isn't for those who faint at blood. Will the murder complete his tasks and kill the target, or will he get caught before he has the chance? You, my friend, have to read to find out! 3.5/5 Worlds