Thursday, October 9, 2014

Since You're Been Gone

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
From the author of Second Chance Summer 
(Which I've never read) comes a book about a missing friend and a crazy to do list.
Well, at least that's how I see it.

I liked this book a lot, the idea was cute, the things that happened were cute, but I couldn't give it five worlds. Why? I honestly don't really know. There's some bad things along with good ones, but this book just didn't feel 'five stars' to me. Anyway, let's continue. It's about Emily, and her doing a list that her friend left her. The reason I picked up this book is the cover and the title. That title was cute, and made me think about the Kelly Clarkson? song. So cute! And I'm literally squealing from cuteness. And sadly, yes, I am saying cute a lot.
Emily: Okay, I picked these three characters because they stood out to me the most. Emily was that one that I could relate to. She seemed normal, and I felt like the family she had wasn't too over dramatic or fake, it was like a somewhat normal family. If you know me after a whiel I get sick of the same scenario because it just keeps going on and all the books are alike. BORING. But Emily just seemed like a real person, not too cliche. Every book reader knows that cliche can ruin a whole book, and luckily enough, this one didn't. Emily and Sloane's relationship also interest me, because they seemed like almsot opposites, and then flash backs showing how they met were really nice because you got to learn more about the characters, especially Sloane who wasn't really in the book that much. Emily filled us in on her, and the list she got was so cute to watch as it was put into action!

Frank: Oh Frank. Was it sad I was rooting for him from the moment they met? Sorry, but he was just automatically the cute guy that HAD to be in the story. He, again, wasn't too cliche and that bumps up my opinion for him a lot. Even though his life at home isn't too... amazing, it isn't the main thing in the story, and it was nice to get a break from, "Oh, I've seen this before." And he wasn't much of a bad boy, more of just the reliable one, who was just the person who you know would work well with Emily. Honestly I can't EVER picture her with a bad boy, and I in no way think that's bad. It's more like... She needs a guy like Frank because their personalities are better together, and it's not an opposites attract situation. So I think Frank is an overall great character, and adds an overall great aspect to the story

Sloane: Sloane wasn't like a super main main character, because well, she was missing. I liked the mystery behind her and the bit we got to meet her on flashbacks and such was fun. I felt like a got to know some of her, and how much Emily idolized her, and their friendship, but the layer of her missing changed everything. As much as I'd like to know more about Sloane, I feel like leaving some things out were the best choice to fit with the idea and jsut the mystery of it all. It's like we know her and don't know her, and just a lot of emotions come through. EMOTIONS. I feel like finding Sloane just adds my liking to her, and she is probably my favorite character, and I'd love to know more about her. Although I can relate to Emily more, I feel like Sloane is the opposite of me, and I'd love to read about her.

My favorite part of the book was probably when she was kissing a stranger. Mostly because of the remarks after. How can you not enjoy something like that!? I feel like there were a bunch of cute amusing moments, but this one was my favorite. My least favorite part of the book was that we didn't get a little more sloane time at the end. :( She's my favorite character and when we got to meet her I feel like we missed out and didn't get to experience her 'Sloane-ness' And that's what I'd change, because I feel like after hearing about Sloane, it'd be cool to spend a little more time with her then just the few chapters.
In the end this is a very good book that I'd totally read again! I recommend this book to all of you who haven't read this! Anyone in for a little mystery surrounded by fun summer, love, and friendship flashbacks, will enjoy it! This is a great book, and I know I'll be reading Morgan Matsons other books because of it. Now, go get reading!

In a little summer world, Natasha