Thursday, October 2, 2014


 Bette By: Lyn Cote

Symbiosis: Elizabeth "Bette" Leigh Black comes of age in the years before WWII. Although money is scarce in the aftermath of the Depression, her home with her mother, Chloe, and her stepfather is happy. But as the war taints their sheltered world, Bette begins to realize life is sometimes cruel--and not everyone has the happiness she does. She finishes school and briefly becomes involved in anti-Nazi espionage until she marries.

Married life, however, is not the happy dream she imagined. Sent overseas, her husband, Curt, falls in love with a young Frenchwoman and leaves Bette alone and pregnant. She is forced to rely on her own strength--and her God's--and returns to espionage. When Curt finally returns to beg for a reconciliation, Bette must decide whether or not she can trust him again, and if marriage to him is truly what is right for her and her daughter.

Review:  Four out of Five worlds - 

After reading the first book, Chloe, I only knew it'd be right to finish the series. This historical fiction series was invisible on my library's shelves, but after taking some interest is the fancy font on the side, I pulled it out. Lyn Cote's book was based around the WWII times, and was definitely worth the read for me.
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Now, this book isn't evenly partitioned. Unlike Chloe (The character of course), this vaguely gets into Bette's childhood. If I recall, maybe not in all. I believe it's because in Chloe they covered the first few years of Bette's life. I do feel like it is a let down, that we don't get to see Bette before she had fallen for Curt. For me that is her real self, and I miss not seeing that. Anyway, back to my previous statement, The first (about six) few chapters are about her and Curt falling in love, with a bit about Gretel. (Oh, and to keep you updated, Gretel is the best friend, and Curt's the love interest) Now, also in these chapters is Drake from the last book. Remember him? Well, he and Gretel's sister, Ilsa have a few chapters of their own. I feel these chapters are nice, but not exactly the most relevant thing to the story. I DON'T NEED YOU SORRY.

The next main part for me is Bette starting to work the government. And Ted. Now, Bette and Ted start out on a very odd notion. Bette has to act like a flirt for her required job as an almost 'spy' . Now, Bette is very loyal, and engaged. This part I actually liked, and it made me think Bette felt she didn't need what we have nowadays. She didn't feel the need to flirt. After everything she did under the top three buttons of her blouse, as her first lesson of being a flirt, but she was embarrassed about it. She didn't want to do it. She was just fine with her clothes on. After a few more super cool super strong girl moments, that parts end. Now in between Bette chapters, you'll find a chapter or so from someone else's view. Chloe, Drake, other characters, they all do chapters from their view. Again, not my favorite thing,

Now, the final part. Dun Dunt Dunt. Okay Spoiler: 

I did like the ending though. I think it ended more on a happy note, and it definitely makes me want to read Leigh(The daughter of Bette, and third book), just so I can see Bette as a mom from Leigh's eyes.

To Sum up this review:

Loved Hated
  • Girlpower
  • Love Triangle
  • The background info
  • The unnecessary chapters
  • The time period
  • How quick some of the good parts went
  • The characters
  • I can't think of anything else! :) Which is good actually.
In the end I liked the book, it was made nicely, fitting the historical dates, and the characters are relatable and loveable. I recommend this book. :) It's My World Approved. XD I'm very glad to be back and keep on reading! Blogging soon!

In a little world of historical fiction, Natasha