Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Hard Books To Read

Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read

Hey everyone! Sorry for the silence last month! I've been working out some kinks, and with that comes a new feature! I've felt really bad at posting jsut once a week, so now I've made it twice a week! Book Reviews on Thursday, and Top Ten Tuesdays on, well, Tuesday! Starting today I'll be part-taking in.. TOP TEN TUESDAYS! You'll usually see the name in the title blown out, but otherwise I'm going to call it TTT. Or T3? One of them. Sound good? Okay! Let's get started! :) This week? Books that were hard to read.


The Doll House Asylum. I bet you're looking at this cover and going, "Oh that's really pretty! And that title too! I should add this to my TBR pile!" DON'T! This book is deceiving! I loved the cover, and the title, and got the book not knowing what it was about. You can go ahead and read the summary, but this is what it really should say. "In a world of stupid, stands Cheyenne. After falling in love with her math teachers, the two love couple get into this amazingly annoying project. Her teacher kidnaps her, and several other kids for a 'game' They have to play by his rules and survive to be a happy couple in this 'perfect world' When Cheyenne comes to she finds this out, but the first thing she thinks is not 'My math teacher kidnapped me!' It's 'Oh I love him so much!' Even when the teachers starts killing some of the kids she goes, 'Oh, well, I can forgive him for this.' She even changes her name, and just... UGH! This book is an amazing amount of stupid. I'm sorry Mary Gray, but you made Cheyenne the worst possible character ever, and I'm sorry but I hate her.

Wither (The Whole Series) This series annoyed me a lot. But I finished it. I don't know if it was the concept or the characters, but the whole thing was just.. weird for me. So It's hard for me to explain. So the basis is that everyone dies young, and to keep the world going they sell girls to make children. And all I can think is: Well then. Sounds like a GREAT world (Sarcasm) Anyway, I do understand that some people loved it but I just didn't. I find it creepy in a good way, but I do believe it's the scenario and the characters responses to it that I hate. Their ages and personalities disturb me, and I just... No. I'm sorry I can't do this. So after reading this I warn everyone. Mature, odd content. Major dislike.

Cinder I am sorry but I disliked this book. To be honest, the plot didn't even interest me. The only reason I read it was because of the pretty cover, and the recommendation from a good friend. I guess maybe it's just me, but I found Cinder obnoxious, and the characters kind of... Stupid. And the ending I totally guessed. I just didn't like the book. Sorry Cinder lovers, but I was lucky enough to finish it. I found the little love thing ridiculous and didn't like Prince Kai. I didn't really like anyone and it was just the pure hatred for these characters the made this a horrible book for me. 

I feel horrible that my TTT isn't even 10, but that's all I can come up with!

Aww... :(

Anyway, that's it for today! Have a great day and read some GOOD books!

In my little bad book world, Natasha