Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lies We Tell Ourselves (ARC Review!)

Lies We Tell Ourselves By Robin Talley

So... I have been putting the review off for a while... but here it is! Sorry it took so long everyone! First, I must say that I won this book from Goodreads First Reads, and got a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. No favors were exchanged, my opinions are my own. So there was no bribing me or anything, I just got a beautiful, book that I couldn't put down. Well, I guess that kinda gave my review score away! Well, this is an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and is actually my first one which I was freaking out about. So let's get started.
So in this book it's really a mixture of racial prejudice, and feelings. This is all I got out of it. Not that it's a bad thing, but I didn't really feel a big thing plotwise betweening the fitting in and the mix of feelings. As you'll usually hear me say, this is a great book, but there's always things to change. 

First you have Sarah, I personally liked her, but again I just feel like there was something missing. I think I might have an idea of what it is, but it's hard to say because she doesn't seem like a flat character but... yeah.
She had a fierce personality, and I loved rooting for her. It was nice to see her soft side, but when it came to the love in the story - (I can't spoil this amazing love, sorry >.<) I felt like it was a little sudden, and just rushed. Basically, she goes from being mad to then enjoying fighting. I just feel like their feelings were a little struggled.
Next, Linda. Oh Linda Linda Linda. (Do I always do that? I feel like I always do that. Mostly because they're one character that is just kinda.. pitiful) Linda was a snob, but wait, then she was nice, then she a scared, then worried, the proud. And then I'm lost. So when you first get to meet her she's the snobbing mean girl. Her father is popular because of his voice on integration . And she's like the popular girl outside, problem girl inside. Cliche? I found it cliche. Well, not the whole integration part but... I just felt like her characters was kind of basic. I'd wish there was a little more structure to her, a little more the the whole popular girl thing.
One thing I hate in this book is the way that Sarah and her friends(?) were treated. And no way is this a bad thing, because this is probably what it was like back then. It just made me feel bad that people go act this way. It was a little sickening. As they fight to make it through this horrible time, and finding love along the way, I think this story is amazing for this. Sarah being so strong through all of this made me feel proud, I felt like these were the people we need in the world. People who know that color doesn't matter, and it's their personality, how strong, kind, and sweet they are. Sarah playing the person who doesn't care if she gets spit balls thrown at her as she walks through the halls made me smile because, that's the kind of character I like. Strong.
My favorite part was probably when Sarah and Linda sing at the endish. I liked that just because I could imagine it so much, and I just loved that scene! My least favorite part? Chuck being beat up. That was cruel.
Overall, I wouldn't change a thing about this book, I just wish we could go back in history and make this stop, although doing that would probably change who we are today. I guess it all goes with who we want to be, and that we all learn from our mistakes. I recommend this to anyone who likes historical novels, and can handle the cruel scenes in this book. This is for anyone who wants a twist on a usual love story, and just wants to read an amazing unique novel. I totally am ushering you to go get it. 
The characters touched my heart, and I hope to yours they do too. Great story idea, great place in time for this to take place (I'm not saying it's a good time, because the cruelty sucked but for the story yah know...) Now go get this and read this book!

In a little historical world, Natasha