Monday, September 1, 2014


Hi! I'm back from my Hiatus! So I chose Chloe, And sorry sorry sorry for the short review, I have to get back into the jive. This is for a person who is younger than 18!
Chloe by Lyn Cote

Chloe Lorraine Kimball is born at the estate of Ivy Manor in the wee hours of the twentieth century. She is the apple of her grandmother's eye, if not her mother and father's. For despite a home filled with everything a young girl could desire, she lacks the one thing she wants above all else--unconditional love from her parents.

Thinking she can win that love through her actions, she creates a successful life for herself in Washington, DC, as the belle of her father's political career. Bright and beautiful, she revels in the attention she receives from the capital's major players. But in the end, as her world comes crashing down amid the opening months of the Depression, Chloe must realize that whether or not she's capable of giving and receiving love is something entirely up to her. And perhaps she can finally find happiness on her own terms.

Chloe for me, is a three world book.

This was a very enjoyable book! The characters seem really raw, and real, and I could really feel what Chloe was feeling. Honestly  can't really say it was a great book though, because it was too fast paced for me. It was probably just me, but it seemed like they skipped through a lot, making it was too fast for my tastes. There were some spots where I felt Chloe should have had some more courage, like standing up to her mother. She didn't seem to have a backbone much, and never even fought for what she wanted. He dad was rude and used her like a pawn, and her parents overall suck. I just don't see why she didn't have the backbone! I also love Minnie, because she's my favorite character, Chloe second. The time period this is placed in, aka The Great Depression, makes this story even more enjoyable for me! So, you can give this book a try, it's a good book! Now onto the next book in the series....

In a little 'glad to be back' world, Natasha