Friday, May 2, 2014

Open When Letter Idea

"Open When" letters to a loved oneOn Pinterest, I've seen these EVERYWHERE! I've loved the idea ever since I've laid my precious little eyes on it! Here are some pics so you understand what I mean:
"Open when..:" letters! :)Open When Letters... this websites has suggestions!Open when letters - what a great idea to do for someone!
Anyway...I really want to push myself to actually finish this. (There's tons of stuff I start, never finish! :P ) I'm going to make this for... My grandma! (DON'T TELL HER) And I'll give it to her before going of to college. I've saw tons of different ideas, but here are the ones I'm going to right for.

  1. Open When... You get these
  2. Open When...  You miss me
  3. OW... You need a hug
  4. OW... You've had a bad day
  5. OW... You've had a fight
  6. OW... I haven't responded
  7. OW... You're on vacation
  8. OW... You need to smile
  9. OW... You're happy
  10. OW... It's your anniversary
  11. OW... It's your birthday
  12. OW... It's Christmas
  13. OW... You want a laugh
  14. OW... You're in a great mood
  15. OW... I come back

Just fifteen to start! :D I hope maybe I gave you a good idea for these, or maybe you can help me with some ideas!

In a loving little world, Natasha