Monday, May 5, 2014

Honor Flight

Stars And Stripes Honor Flight

Wow. Can I just say this was a one in a lifetime experience for me, and it was amazing. Meet Stars And Stripes Honor Flight.
This amazing group (I took this from their website), "Stars and Stripes Honor Flight honors all veterans by flying WWII, Korean War and terminally ill veterans from other conflicts to Washington, DC to visit their memorials. We actively promote educational aspects of this mission in our schools and our communities"
I cannot express how wonderful it was. My mother went with my great grandfather to Washington DC. Here's a little of what happened (From my mom...) (Because I wasn't there) "There were cherry blossoms and flowers, and when we arrived in DC, there were people waving to us, and wherever we went people put their hands on their hearts and thanked us. We had a police escort and behind the police their were veterans riding their motorcycles!" That's all I could get out of her because she was too excited to say more. And tired.

Now I come in. As they hitch their ride back to Milwaukee, the rest of my family is getting ready to head to the airport. We get there at 7:30 p.m. After waiting a very boring two hours (We did get ice cream, and there were cheerleaders and a band) , the veterans arrive. Everyone was cheering, and shaking hands with the veterans, there were signs, and many thanks. Everyone was crying, and smiling, and it was just wonderful. After this, we left at 11, and arrived home at 12. There were maybe, 2 hundred or so people, and it was a once in a lifetime chance probably, to see so wonderful. I felt like sharing with you this amazing moment, and I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

In an little memorable world, Natasha