Friday, April 11, 2014

Divergent Movie

I don't get the ravings. I just don't like the movie, First of all...  I give this movie 1.5 out of five worlds.
Yes, this movie was good. For those who haven't even heard of the book. Just.... THEY CUT OUT MY FAVORITE PARTS? HOW? They cut out the Edward-Butter Knife-Peter part. It didn't have much humor, relationships, or just... ugh. I didn't even like the actors and actresses they picked out very much, None of my favorite quotes or parts. The relationships weren't formed very much at all. And it was too serious, not enough of the good humor in the book. At reading a review of people who had not read the book.... they didn't under the simulations and some parts. You need to read the book to understand that it felt absolutely real to them. But when you read the book.... it's disappointing. Very disappointing. The one thing that may have been good were the simulations, although they went very fast. Actually, most of the good important parts of the movie were either not included, or way too fast. Well, in the end... Not read the book = Confusing, Stupid (Because of some parts you don't understand) AND  Read the book = Disappointing. Horrible.
In my sad, little book to movie world, Natasha