Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Rule of Thirds, and the Fibonacci Spiral!

Rule of Thirds vs No Rule of Thirds
Okay, Most photographers may know this. Viewers, as you may know, for a project for school I am doing photography. I already knew these techniques, and came upon this, and I thought I would share. These are two techniques which make your photos look MUCH more expert-y , and less Tourist-Beginner like.

First The Rule of Thirds. Some photographs don't look that great when the subject is placed, plop, in the middle. Envisioning the rule of thirds, you place your subject A) On the line or B) Where the lines intersect.
The Fibonacci Spiral
This may be hard in the beginning but soon you'll be doing it absentmindedly. This is the easier of the two, and is probably used more often! This Helps out A LOT! Please try it and use it!

Fibonacci Spiral AND Rule Of Thirds
Now, The Fibonacci Spiral. This I don't even use much. This is a very complicated techniques, that almost all amateurs, and non-photographers have never heard of! The Fibonacci Spiral, or the Golden Mean, uses every thing's natural spiral, to make a more appealing photograph. You can use this AND the rule of thirds together, both's lines are very close! This one will take a LOT of practice (But Practice makes perfect!) So go ahead and Try it!
Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something and maybe will take better photos now!

In a little photographic world, Natasha