Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Pick- Monday

Every Monday I will pick a email or comment question to write a quick blog post OR a paragraph or longer.

It could be about my role model, favorite stuff, school, anything!
So what do you want to see?
Thanks and enjoy Mondays (UGG ((The boot kind XD))! They are so tiresome to me!)
And guess what... it will be called My Pick Mondays!

In a world of me and my ideas, Natasha


  1. When you said UGG, I thought you were talking about UGG boots. (I was wearing mine when I read that) XD

  2. No!!! But- What do you think of the remodeling I did on NLW?! Any Ideas for Monday *FryeFlye*?????

  3. @Natasha Schwinn,
    Nice remodeling, maybe your role model, I would like to know. =3 -Fryeflye

  4. Okay. Thanks for the suggestion. It will be put in the drawing 2marrow.