Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yeah! 500 views!!!!!! So here is my 500 view paragraph. Every 500 views I will do a special post on something!! Mine is on "Jelly Bro?"
I hate it when someone says "Jelly Bro?" Especially cause I do not know what it means!!
So I looked it up and:
U Jelly? is an online catchphrase used as a shorthand for “you jealous?Similar in vein to "U MAD, the phrase is typically said in a boastful manner to cause annoyance. 
On imageboards, the expression is often accompanied by a cartoon character wearing a smirk.
U Jelly' is a taunting expression that asks 'are you jealous?'. U Jelly is used to goad someone online or in person because you possess an article that they do not have, or because you have attained some kind of gamer achievement or minor online fame. 
'U Jelly' is a close cousin to the 'u mad bro expression, which another taunt term used to goad people online.
So There you go!!!

In a world of blog views,and "Jelly Bro? 's, Natasha


  1. But I already knew that! (U jelly bro? XD)

  2. ... I hate this and jewlia says this all the time. this is triggers a very mad me!